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Classic woven carbon fiber fabrics show high tensile strength, high stiffness (modulus), low weight, electric conductivity, high temperature resistance and low thermal expansion. These unmatched properties have made carbon woven fabrics widespread favorite in today's composite industry. Carbon fabrics in combination with a resin matrix, often epoxy resin, can be applied in a wide range of products where low weight in combination with high strength and stiffness is needed. Compositesplaza’s carbon fabrics are available in both Toray carbon fiber and Aksaca Industrial carbon fiber, different weave styles (plain and twill) , many different surface weights from 60 g/m2 to 600 g/m2 and in widths 100, 120, 128 and 154 cm. Available in 1K fiber to 24K fiber. Besides the standard weaves we have in our collection a number of specialties, so called design fabrics, with patterns like diamond, fishbone and diagonal lines.

Using modern high speed looms our fabrics are woven in the most commonly twill or plain weave. The plain weave is a balanced woven fabric where a one-under-one-over technique is used to produce a more tightly woven fabric that is more stable in use, is less susceptible to fraying and easier to handle without distortion or damage to the fabric. Twill is a textile weave pattern showing diagonal parallel ribs. This gives the popular diagonal pattern in carbon products. The twill fabric has a more loose construction making it easier “formable” but more susceptible to deformation and fraying. The plain weave fabric is suitable for flat and easy products and molds. The twill weave is more suitable for complex formed products and molds.

Our carbon fabrics can be used in all kind of composite production processes like hand lay-up, Resin Transfer Molding, Vacuum infusion, etc.

Carbon woven fabrics from Compositesplaza are used in the following applications:

Model building, Yachts- and Boats construction, Automotive (car parts), Sporting goods, Orthopedic parts, Aviation parts, industrial Construction, Luxury items and jewellery, Motorsport parts.

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