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Toray carbon fabric 245 g/m2-100 cm

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twill woven carbon fabric width 100 cm
Toray 3K - 200Tex HS fiber
for nearly all production processes
high laminate strength and stiffness
for more complex formed products

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  • Twill woven fabric out of 100% Toray 3K - 200 Tex HS carbon fibers. This gives the superior quality and the well known carbon gloss of the fabric, which makes it very suitable for both structural and visual parts.
  • This twill woven carbon filament fabric (width = 100 cm) is woven from Toray 3K - 200 Tex HS carbon yarns into a bi-directional balanced fabric. First class and persistant quality by a producer with many years of experience and highly skilled staff. Produced under the strictest requirements for the processing, storage and quality control of carbon fibers. Made by weavers specially trained in working with carbon fibres and with many years of experience in this field.
  • Typical end-uses: model-making, automotive parts, marine parts, aircraft parts,  carbon design parts.
  • The twill woven carbon fabric is mostly used in combination with epoxy and phenolic resins. Suitable for hand lay-up and nearly all other processes like RTM and vacuum infusion for more complex formed products.

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Weight 245 kg
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Typical applications:

  • marine (structural parts, sailboat masts)
  • model making
  • aircraft- and spacecraft parts (structural and non-structural)
  • automotive (race car bodies, springs, engine hoods)
  • Sports goods (golf club shafts, fishing rods, bicycle frames)
  • design and look

The twill woven carbon fabric is mostly used in combination with epoxy and phenolic resins.

download material safety data sheet plain woven carbon fabric 245 g/m2

Technical Specification:

  • 100% carbon twill 2/2 woven filament fabric
  • Balanced fabric - loom state
  • Surface weight: 245 g/m2 (+/- 4 %)
  • Fabric width: 100 cm (+/- 1 cm)
  • Fabric construction: Warp x Weft = 6,0 ends/cm x 6,0 picks/cm
  • Yarn type: Warp x Weft = Toray HS 3K carbon x Toray HS 3K carbon
  • Sizing 1% compatible with epoxy and phenolic resin
download technical data sheet of twill woven Toray carbon fabric 245 g/m2 100 cm width
download close-up picture of twill woven carbon fabric 245 g/m2
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