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BD 50 mm carbon fabric tape 530 g/m2

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bi-directional (BD) carbon tape
available in width 50 mm
for localised reinforcements

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  • In general carbon fiber fabrics show high tensile strength, high stiffness (modulus), low weight, electric conductivity, high chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and low thermal expansion.
  • In particular bi-directional carbon fabric tapes (width = 50 mm) are often used for selective reinforcement, for tube winding, lap joining, for smaller jobs as in model building and for repair of cracks in laminate surfaces. The tapes are woven in such manner to prevent fraying of the edges. The weft yarns are looping in the fabric to ensure that the tape holds in place.  
  • Typical end-uses: model-making, automotive parts, marine parts, aircraft parts,  carbon design parts.

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Weight 530 kg
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Typical applications:

  • localised reinforcements 
  • model making
  • tube winding
  • smaller jobs
  • repairs of cracked surfaces
  • lap joining and making CF reinforced angles

The plain woven carbon fabric tape is mostly used in combination with epoxy resins.

download material safety data sheet bi-directional woven carbon fabric tape 530 g/m2

Technical Specification:

  • 100% carbon plain woven heavy duty fabric tape
  • bi-directional (BD) fabric tape - loom state
  • Surface weight: 530 g/m2 (+/- 2,0%)
  • Tape width: 50 mm
  • Fabric construction: Warp x Weft = 4,0 ends/cm x (2,5x2) picks/cm
  • Yarn type: Warp x Weft = 12K carbon x 6K carbon
download technical data sheet of carbon fabric tape 530 g/m2 width 50 mm
download close-up picture of bi-directional woven carbon fabric tape 530 g/m2 width 50 mm
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