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New products

Compositesplaza BV will start its webshop with a large collection of products: reinforcement materials out of E-glass, Aramids, Carbons and Hybrids thereof as well as composites tools like scissors, shears, brushes, laminating rollers and resin application rollers.  

In this chapter we will announce our new products.

If you are looking for a certain product wich is not available in our e-store, just give a message and we will search it for you.

Dear supplier: if you feel that your specific products are a good and valuable contribution to our product range and you are free to supply to us, than please take contact to discuss the possibilities.


From now on available:

- Toray and industrial carbon fabrics: in cooperation with our new carbon fabric supplier a range of the mostly used carbon fabrics in plain weave and twill weave from 60 to 600 g/m2 woven out of Toray 1K/3K/12K fiber as well as Industrial carbon fiber. Both of the same excellent mechanical properties. The Toray fabric having the more carbon gloss on the fabric, but the industrial fabric having an enormous price advantage. As suggestion we could propose to use the industrial fabric for the lower layers and the Toray fabric for the top layer. All depending of course of the judgement of the laminator. Probably at the best market prices at this moment: a real step ahead.

- Carbon-Aramid hybrid fabrics: we have introduced a complete new line of carbon-aramid hybrid fabrics in several variations. Available in a choice of combinations of twill or plain weave, 100 cm or 120 cm width and different yarn repeats in warp and/or weft. Again at the best market prices of this moment.

- UP Polyester resin: ortoftalic, isoftalic, ISO/npg, tereftalic, DCPD, pre-accelerated, colour indicator, low styrene, thixotropic

- Aceton: pure and regenerate: for cleaning your tools etc. We can also discuss the recycling of your polluted aceton: contributes to your Corporate Social Responsibility.

- complete line of gelcoats and topcoats in a broad selection of colors. Also pigments will be available.

- the complete line of Sea-line Troton products. Will be announced in the front page.

- Soon to be presented: complete line of high quality carbon prepreg materials.

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