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Bi-axial carbon fabrics (Non Crimp Fabrics) have two plies of parallel fibers that are stitchbonded in an angle of + 45 and - 45 degrees. They are available in a weight range of 100 to 600 g/m2, all in a width of 127 cm. Due to the non-crimped fiber orientation these kind of reinforcements show optimum tensile and flexural properties in the finished laminate.

Biax fabrics are suitable for typical processes like hand lay-up, RTM and Infusion. The fabrics have excellent conformability and quick wet-out to help you build up thickness which saves time. Thanks to the stitching yarn that prevents unraveling you can easily cut the fabric into tapes.

Typical end-uses: vehicle panels, seats, Marine structures, carbon fibre molds, inner layers for flat sheets. 

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