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Pultrusion is a serial production process for the production of different shaped profiles made of fibre-reinforced plastics. The pultrusion process shows great similarities with the extrusion of e.g. aluminium and thermoplastics. However, instead of injection moulding the plastic material, the pultrusion process continuously pulls fibres from bobbins. The yarns are then impregnated with a matrix material (usually a thermosetting resin like epoxy resin). Subsequently, they are pulled through a heated die, which determines the shape of the profile. Polymerisation of the resin takes place in the die, forming a rigid profile with a form corresponding to that of the die and a length that is endless, in theory.

Compositesplaza BV has a standard collection of solid round rods, round tubes and retangular profiles for various applications. If the profile of your specific need is not in our collection, then let us know because we can supply almost any profile. 

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