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Most commonly used resins are (UP) Polyester resin, Epoxy resin, Vinylester resin and Phenolic resins.
Compositesplaza Gelcoat, Topcoat RAL colors overview

Gelcoat, Topcoat, Sanding gelcoat

  • available in a wide range of RAL colors
  • high quality finish on the visible surface
  • durable protection against UV and hydrolysis
  • ortho/ISO and ISO/npg polyester coats
  • for hand lay-up and spraying technique
epoxy resin and hardeners

low viscosity epoxy resin for hand lamination

  • hand lamination at room temperature
  • excellent mechanical properties
  • suitable for glass, aramids, carbon
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Sea-Line products for boats and yachts

NEW: SEA-LINE products for boats and yachts

  • modern and efficient yachting products
  • for building, repair and maintenance
  • easy to work, long lasting effect
  • fillers, primers, topcoats, antifouling etc.