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low viscosity epoxy resin for hand lamination

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hand lamination at room temperature
excellent mechanical properties
suitable for glass, aramids, carbon

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  • Laminating epoxy resin LG 120 is a low-viscosity resin with elevated flexibility of the cured laminate based on modified resin of A-bisphenol and bi-functional reactive diluent. Pot-life can be set from 15 minutes (HG 351) via 50 minutes (HG 353) to a max of up to 3 hours (HG 356). These times are indicative. When processing: please use the appropriate personal protection equipment (see MSDS under Safety datasheet).
  • The resin system cures already at room temperature (15 up to 30oC) to produce composite parts of excellent mechanical properties. It is especially suitable for hand-lamination in combination with all commonly used fibers like E-glass, Carbon, Aramids and core-materials. This resin system is compatible with all common polyester gelcoats and paints (of course: try out first).
  • When you order this resin the hardener needs to be ordered separately to have a complete resin system. The hardener is available in packagings of weight corresponding to the resin weight. By choosing the type of hardener you choose the pot-life that you want to have. See under Technical specs for a calculation example.
  • Normal mixing ratio resins and hardeners: parts by weight (100:35) --- parts by volume (100:43).


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Epoxy LG 120: 1 KG, Epoxy LG 120: 3 KG, Epoxy LG 120: 5 KG, Epoxy LG 120: 10 KG, Hardener HG 351: 0.35 KG, Hardener HG 351: 1.05 KG, Hardener HG 351: 1.75 KG, Hardener HG 351: 3.50 KG, Hardener HG 353: 0.35 KG, Hardener HG 353: 1.05 KG, Hardener HG 353: 1.75 KG, Hardener HG 353: 3.50 KG, Hardener HG 356: 0.35 KG, Hardener HG 356: 1.05 KG, Hardener HG 356: 1.75 KG, Hardener HG 356: 3.50 KG


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download material safety data sheet epoxy resin LG 120 version 3.0
download material safety data sheet hardener HG 351 version 3.0
download material safety data sheet hardener HG 353 version 3.0
download material safety data sheet hardener HG 356 version 2.0

  • Epoxy resin LG 120 must be mixed with one or more of the hardeners HG 351; HG 353; HG 356 in ratio 100 resin to 35 hardener (parts by weight) to become a complete resin system. For complete information: see Technical Data Sheet under Downloads.
  • Resin calculation example: 1) first calculate the total amount in KG of the resin system 2) By dividing this resin system weight by 1.35 you will find the amount of resin LG 120 that you need. 3)  By multiplying this resin weight with 0.35 you will find the amount of hardener HG 351 resp. 353 resp. 356 that you need. 4) decide the pot-life that you want to have: HG 351: 20 min - HG 353: 50 min - HG 356: 2-3 hours. 5) order both resin and hardener of the nearest higher quantity from the drop-down menu.
  • Example: calculated amount of resin system: 6KG. For this you need 6/1.35 = 4.45 KG of resin LG 120. You also need 4.45*0.35 = 1.56 KG of hardener. Suppose you need a potlife of 20 min. than select hardener HG 351. From the drop-down menu you choose 5KG of the resin HG 120 and also 1.75KG of the hardener HG 351.


download technical data sheet epoxy resin LG 120 with hardeners HG 351; HG 353; HG 356

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