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resin application roller - value range medium pile

From 3,03

affordable priced rollers (disposable)
medium pile polyester heat bonded
spins on a 6 mm galvanised wire

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  • Our 3" (75 mm) and 7" (175 mm) Value range resin application rollers (medium pile) are specifically engineered for the GRP industry (they are not like paint rollers). The yellow medium pile polyester rollers (diam. 65 mm)  are most suitable for quick resin application in easy access areas. On request the rollers are also available as non-stock items in width of 4" (100 mm), 6" (150 mm) and 9" (225 mm).
  • Both 3" (75 mm) and the 7" (175 mm) Value range rollers are constructed from high-grade polyester heat-bonded onto a polypropylene shaft, making them resistant to solvents.
  • Due to the very affordable price of the rollers they are normally used as disposable items.
  • The 3" (75 mm) and the 7" (175 mm) wire frames and the corresponding yellow medium pile rollers are available as (refill) spare parts. Make your choice from the drop down menu under spares and refills for value range rollers.


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75 mm, 175 mm


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