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plain woven glass tape 143 g/m2, width 10 cm

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smooth surface - good impregnation
suitable for polyester & epoxy resins
for localised reinforcements

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  • The E-Glass plain woven filament fabric tape (width = 10 cm) is composed of direct silane sized yarns into a bi-directional balanced fabric. The yarns are a bundle of endless glass filaments provided with a slight turning of appr. 20 - 40 turnings per meter. Diameter of the single glass filaments is between 9 and 13 microns.
  • The plain woven filament fabric tape allows a higher glass content and gives better strength properties in the mouldings compared to glass mats.
  • Typical end-uses: repairs, thin coatings, model making, boat construction, mould making, vehicle parts, tank construction.
  • The plain woven filament fabric tape with silane sizing is directly applicable with polyester-, epoxy- and vinylester resins. The fabric tape shows good impregnation properties and gives a smooth surface to the laminates.


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Typical applications:

  • repairs
  • boat construction
  • model making
  • tankbuilding
  • mould making
  • vehicle parts.

Material can be combined with polyester, epoxy and vinylester resins.


download material safety data sheet E-glass plain woven filament fabric tape 143 g/m2

Technical Specification:

  • 100% E-Glass plain woven filament fabric tape
  • Balanced fabric - Silane sizing
  • Surface weight: 145 g/m2 (+/- 2,0%)
  • Fabric width: 10 cm (+/- 1 cm) (cut edges)
  • Roll length: 150 mtr
  • Fabric construction: Warp x Weft = 11,2 ends/cm x 9,8 picks/cm
  • Yarn type: Warp x Weft = direct EC9-68 Tex x direct EC9-68 Tex
  • Tenacity: Warp (x Weft) = 77,5 daN/5 cm (x n.a.)


download technical data sheet plain woven filament fabric tape 143 g/m2
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