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laminating roller - special rollers

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barrel roller for curved areas
disc corner roller for sharp corners
easy cleaning & long life

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  • The aluminium finned barrel roller allows precise work whilst maintaining the efficiency of good air removal.  It is specially engineered for use on curved areas. Available in size (rollerlength x diameter) 50 x 16/25/16 mm. On request as non-stock items also available in sizes 75 x 22/25/22 mm and 70 x 10/12/10 (fine finned).
  • The aluminium disc corner roller is used to press the fibres and resin into the corners of a mould. It is riveted onto a normal reach wire, making it ideal to access difficult areas. Available in 35 cm normal reach handle (rollerwidth x diameter) 9 x 40 mm. On request as non-stock item also available as same size plastic disc corner roller. The aluminium roller is also ailable in long reach wire (total length 56 cms).




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Barrel roller 50 x 16/25/16 mm, Disc corner roller 9 x 40 mm


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