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laminating roller - bristle brush roller

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good de-airing: punctures air-bubbles
increase of glass level in laminate
push-fit for easy changing & cleaning

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  • A bristle brush roller is a laminating tool with a synthetic bristle mounted on a spiral core. The bristle brush roller is push fit mounted on a plated wire frame with an ergonomic plastic handle.  The bristle brush penetrates the reinforcement and adjusts the fibres. This type of roller is particularly suitable for puncturing air-bubbles in polyester laminates with uneven surfaces.
  • Due to the fact that this high-quality roller is push-fit mounted the bristle brush roller is available as cost-saving refill roller. Just make your choice from the drop-down menu above.
  • The roller is resistant against all normal GRP chemicals. Easy cleaning by washing off residue of wet chemicals in acetone. Afterwards leave the roller in a bucket filled with acetone. Rinse off the roller well before the next use.
  •  On special request we can also supply this roller type as non-stock items in sizes 50 x 22 mm and 150 x 22 mm.


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Brush roller 50 x 28 mm, Brush roller 100 x 28 mm, Brush roller 150 x 28 mm, Brush roller 100 x 22 mm, Brush roller refill 50 x 28 mm, Brush roller refill 100 x 28 mm, Brush roller refill 150 x 28 mm, Brush roller refill 100 x 22 mm, Spare handle 50 mm, Spare handle 100 mm, Spare handle 150 mm


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