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laminating roller - aluminium finned roller

9,10 (Excluding VAT)

popular for users of pre-impregnated
for lamination with reduced spray
light weight and easy to use



  • Finned rollers are manufactured with plated steel frames, aluminium rollers and ergonomic high grade plastic handles. They provide a light-weight, smooth running, robust, laminating tool.  They are very popular for users of pre-impregnated materials. They are easy to use and give less spray while rolling. The roller is resistant against all normal GRP chemicals.
  • Easy cleaning by washing off residue of wet chemicals in acetone. Afterwards leave the roller in a bucket filled with acetone. Rinse off the roller well before the next use.
  • On special request we can also supply this roller type as non-stock items in different length's/diameters like 35 x 14 mm; 100 x 14 mm; 140 x 20 mm and 70 x 30 mm.  We even can supply long reach fine finned rollers in special sizes of 50 x 6 mm and 50 x 8 mm which are designed to eliminate air bubbles in hard to reach places.








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