Tools, rollers, scissors

Getting the right end result often starts with getting the right tools and supplies for the job. At Compositesplaza we carry a range of tools and supplies, handpicked for their quality, reliability and value. We have our tooling range from cutting knives to scissors or shears, from brushes to resin impregnation rollers and all kind of de-airing rollers. All famous for their long lasting quality and all rollers can be easily cleaned with the normal cleaning chemicals.

heavy duty break-off knive

Having the right tools for the job can make all the difference to efficiency at work and the quality of the end result. Our range of cutting knives have been developed in conjunction with one of the world's best regarded manufacturers to provide the very best handling, cutting and longevity.

Quality scissors for aramids

Scissors and shears for woven and non-woven aramids like "Kevlar" and "Twaron". Top quality Solingen steel, double serrated to prevent slipping of the fabric while cutting. Ergonomically soft grip and very long lasting. Available in a wide range from 15 cm normal duty to 30 cm heavy duty for the cutting of multiple layers at the same time. Of course these scissors are also very suitable for the cutting of fibreglass materials.

scissors and shears for fibreglass and carbon

Fiberglass is (like carbon) a very abrasive material to cut. It will wear the edge of a shear quickly. For cutting materials like fibreglass and carbon, you need scissors made of strong steel with a cutting angle set to a degree that can handle something this damaging to the edge. One side serrated for a sharp cut. Available in a wide range from 15 cm normal duty to 30 cm heavy duty.

rollers and brushes for the GRP industry

Laminating brushes, laminating rollers and resin application rollers. Especially engineered for the GRP industry. Long lasting and fit for the job. Available in a large variety: for each job we have the right tool. If your personal favourite roller is not available in our shop, please ask for it. We are able to source it for you.