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spread tow carbon fabric 193 g/m2 - 127 cm

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unique carbon look and design
increased strength in the laminate

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  • The plain woven carbon spread tow fabric (width = 127 cm) is woven from spreaded strands into a bi-directional balanced fabric. Strand width is approximately 8 mm. It is a very thin but nevertheless a very closed fabric. It has an increased strength and lower resin consumption in the laminate due to the lower fibre bending. The fabric is ideal for design applications because it gives a unique carbon look.
  • The carbon strands are spreaded bundles of endless carbon filaments (12K filaments). Diameter of the single carbon filaments is between 5 and 10 microns. The filaments are composed mostly out of carbon atoms. These atoms are bonded together in crystals that are aligned parallel to the length axis of the fibers. This crystal alignment gives the fibers a very high strength-to volume  ratio. Carbon fibers show high tensile strength, high stiffness (modulus), low weight, electric conductivity, high chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and low thermal expansion.

Typical end-uses: model-making, automotive parts, sports equipment, carbon design parts.

The spread tow carbon fabric is mostly used in combination with epoxy resins.


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Typical applications:

  • model making
  • automotive parts
  • Sports equipment
  • carbon design and look

The spread tow carbon fabric is mostly used in combination with epoxy resins.



download material safety data sheet plain woven spread tow carbon fabric 193 g/m2

Technical Specification:

  • 100% carbon spread tow plain woven filament fabric
  • Balanced fabric - loom state
  • Surface weight: 193 g/m2 (+/- 0,5%)
  • Thickness: 0,18 mm
  • Fabric width: 127 cm (+/- 0,5 cm)
  • Fabric construction: Warp x Weft = 1,2 ends/cm x 1,2 picks/cm
  • Yarn type: Warp x Weft = 12K carbon x 12K carbon


download technical data sheet of plain woven spread tow carbon fabric 193 g/m2 width 127 cm
download close-up picture of spread tow carbon fabric 193 g/m2
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