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3-D woven distance fabric - width 125 cm

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excellent impregnation properties
saves time and labourcost
forms lightweight and rigid laminate

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  • The 3-D woven distance fabric (width = 125 cm) is an uncut velvet-like fabric woven out of 100% E-Glass yarns. The fabric consists of two separate deck-layers bonded together by vertical piles as a kind of sandwich structure. The piles are woven into the deck layers thus forming an integrally woven sandwichstructure. For a picture of typical view of the cross sections of the fabric laminate see under Downloads.
  • The 3-D fabric can be impregnated with thermoset resins like polyester-, epoxy-, vinylester- or phenolic (fire-retardant) resins. The fabric absorbs the resin and due to the capillary forces of the piles the fabric rises to a certain preset hight. For a description of the processing technique in hand lay-up see under Downloads. In this one-step labour-saving process a lightweight and rigid sandwich laminate is formed that offers good mechanical properties with excellent resistance against delamination.
  • The fairly drapeable fabric is available in thicknesses of 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 mm. Standard width of the fabric is 125 cm. Thicknesses 3, 4.5 and 6 mm are also available in width 62.5 cm. Other thicknesses on special request.

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Typical applications:

  • Marine:                       partitioning walls, bulkheads, decks, cabins, doors         
  • Wind-energy:             nacelles, nose-cone
  • Chemical industry:   double-wall tanks, leak-detection
  • Building:                     radar domes, wall covers, exhibition panels, kiosks
  • Aerospace:                 internal panels, cargo floors
  • Transportation:        trainfloors, doors, hardtops, caravans, trailers, sanitary units


  • The 3-D glass woven fabric can be used both as a structural reinforcement material as well as a core material.  
  • The fabric can be combined with polyester, epoxy, vinylester and phenolic (fire-retardant) resins.


download material safety data sheet E-glass 3-D woven distance fabric

Technical Specification:

  • 100% E-Glass  3-D woven distance fabric
  • Balanced fabric - Silane sizing
  • Fabrick thickness 3 mm; 4 mm; 5 mm; 6 mm; 8 mm; 10 mm (nominal)
  • Surface weight: 770 g/m2; 810 g/m2; 860 g/m2; 880 g/m2; 950 g/m2; 1015 g/m2 (+/- 50 g/m2)
  • Fabric width: 125 cm (+/- 1,5 cm)
  • Fabric construction: Warp x Weft x Pile= 10,2 ends/cm x 10,2 picks/cm x 20,4 piles/cm
  • Yarn type: Warp x Weft x Pile = EC 9-136 Tex x EC 9-136 Tex x EC 9-68 Tex


download technical data sheet 3-D woven distance fabric 3 mm
download technical data sheet 3-D woven distance fabric 4 mm
download technical data sheet 3-D woven distance fabric 5 mm
download technical data sheet 3-D woven distance fabric 6 mm
download technical data sheet 3-D woven distance fabric 8 mm
download technical data sheet 3-D woven distance fabric 10 mm
download processing technique for 3-D distance fabrics in hand lay-up
download close-up picture of cross sections of 3-D fabric laminate
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